Session Pricing


13403337_927172130742299_3776174193424534988_oPricing Structure:

Supported: Negotiable* | Baseline: $150/hour | Generous: $175+/hour

Prices for Two-Hour Sessions:

Supported: Negotiable* | Baseline: $300/session | Generous: $350+/session

Baseline rates are designed specifically for those who can afford them. Typically these are clients who work in Tech or other high-paying industries here in Seattle. Please pay the rate that you feel best suits your income level.

Generous sessions rates are available to help offset the cost of taking on lower-income clients. I find that clients who are able to pay at a generous rate do so with joy knowing they are helping to share access to this powerful and transformative work with someone who would otherwise be unable to afford it.


*Supported Sessions: Negotiable Cost

“If it’s not affordable, it’s not revolutionary.”

I am dedicated to making my work as accessible as possible, so if the Baseline rate is too much for your budget I have a limited number of negotiable priced sessions available each week.

These sessions are especially for clients who are BIPOC, Queer/LGBQAetc., Trans/Genderqueer/Genderfabulous, Intersex, disabled, working class, neurodiverse, and otherwise marginalized/oppressed, but anyone experiencing financial challenges is welcome to inquire about negotiable priced sessions.

The cost for these sessions is completely dependent on your income and what you can afford. Sessions at this level often are anywhere from $40-$75/hour (or $80-$150/session), but I’m happy to do sessions for as low as minimum wage or free on a case-by-case basis (though some level of exchange is requested for no-cost sessions).

With a negotiated cost I have and few requests:

  • First, I request for you to think deeply about the value of this work in your life and what you desire to get out of it. Determine what you can afford in terms of money, trade, or another type of exchange.
  • Second, please think well about your own finances and what you can afford, how many times you would like to see me, and if you can see me weekly, every other week, or (less optimal) once a month. Often clients will come to me with an amount they are able to pay each month and we can determine together how many sessions we can do at that price.
  • Finally, I ask for a multi-session commitment, which is, of course, dependent on our mutual agreement to work together. My approach works best in sets of three with an intake and closing session, so a commitment of 5, 8, or 11 sessions is best. For ongoing session work (i.e. therapeutic support rather than targeted coaching) these sets are less necessary, as the closing session may be far off.

I may limit the number of sessions we are able to do together within a particular time frame, but I will not limit the number long-term (e.g. we may do five to eleven sessions together initially, then take a break and do another multi-session arc a few months later). This is so that I can serve as many negotiated cost clients as possible.

If this is something you are interested in, please do not hesitate to contact me for more information, or simply schedule .


Session Packages

I have Session Packages available to pre-purchase in 3, 6, or 9 session packages at the baseline, generous, and supported prices. These do not count the initial/intake session or wrap-up/closing session.

This is the only discount on sessions that I offer.

Session Packages are non-refundable and non-transferable, but the sessions you purchase never expire. Suggested for individuals who have already experienced an intake session with me, or other long-term clientele.


Intensive Sessions

Intensive Sessions (3-8 hours) are priced either at the regular hourly rate or occasionally a flat day-long rate, depending on the length of the session, which does not include meals. Due to the longer nature and greater prep time of the sessions they cannot be our first session.

Intensive sessions can be wonderful for new or repeat clients who really want to dig into a particular issue they are stuck around, or clients visiting Seattle that desire to work with me, but have limited time to do so.

Intensive sessions may be available outside of Seattle for an additional travel fee, please contact me for more information.


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