Moving Toward Connection and Wholeness

the_phoenix_bird__cover_art_by_aokera-d3esnxhMy work is to help guide people toward wholeness, toward experience with themselves and the world that moves us toward the fullest experssion of our Selves and our humanity. When I talk about wholeness, which I often do, I am really taking about working ever more toward experiencing and expressing all aspects of our own divine humanity–all its vulnerable, often messy, and ultimately beautiful forums.

It is about turning toward the depth of our own selves. Turning toward the parts of ourselves that we disavow and embracing them. Turning toward the emotions we try to ignore or stuff down and bringing them up so they can serve their purpose and we can understand what they have to teach us. And so much more. I know this is possible, because I come to assist others through this process only after going through it myself. Once there, you will be able to stand in your own power with others and take up your own space in a healthy way.

Through fully embracing our own erotic experiences of satisfaction and pleasure we are given access to our deeper and full Self.

Through this experience of feeling we can determine where we are numbing out, freezing, or paralyzing, and where we need to expand our experience of emotions, pleasure, and sensations. We can also discover where our passions and desires lie through this same process. This is a wholly embodied process that is also cyclical. The more we feel the more we are embodied, and the more we are embodied the more we feel.

Through confronting and understanding our own assumptions, attitudes, beliefs, and cultural expectations around sex, sexuality, gender, power, and the body we are better able to embrace our own personal spiritual and psychological growth, which in turn helps to foster the expansion of human consciousness and work toward the healing of the earth through (trans)personal engagement and development.

heartsunThe particular way I go about this is through assisting you to investigate the erotic through the archetypal, mythological, and metaphorical relationships you have with the erotic and the body. To this end, sexuality, emotions, connection to and understanding of the sacred, archetypal engagement, past experiences, family dynamics, complexes, the shadow, and many other aspects of the Self must be investigated and integrated within you to work toward embracing what I refer to as your Whole Erotic Self.

You can believe that the world is big enough to hold you, that you are interesting, that what you have to say matters, that you are desired and loved, and that you are whole. You do not need external love or validation in order to feel loved or a sense of belonging, because you are inherently loved and belong to this world.