Sacred Sexuality & Erotic Education

To me, the sacred means bringing intention, reverence, and a connection to the divine into everything I do, including sexuality. The erotic is our creative principle, our desire to become who we are. You can bring the sacred into your sexual experiences. Or, let me guide you deeper into the mysteries of your self and the universe through personally designed sacred erotic practices and rituals.

I have been intentionally exploring and studying sacred sexuality in a multitude of forms for at least the last fifteen years, but really much longer than that. Fifteen years ago was when I learned that sacred sexuality was more than a fantasy of mine, or something within fantasy books. This was something I could embody and a way I could live my life.

It can be is as simple as being aware of my erotic power as often as possible, in as many situations as possible, and with everyone I encounter. The recognition of my erotic power must also, by necessity, include recognizing the erotic power in everyone around me.