Sessions for Every Body

My approach includes therapeutic talking/mind-based interaction, body-based/embodiment exercises, and/or educational-therapeutic touch. The particular combination is dependent upon what we are working on and our comfort level in the moment.

I have many clients that I work with for months before we get to any touch-based work, others who are interested in bodywork as soon as our second session, and yet others who do not need or desire bodywork at all throughout our work together. Regardless of the level of touch, our sessions will always be focused on the body. I will likely frequently ask you to pause and take a breath or tune in to a part of your body while speaking or moving.

Empathy, sovereignty, authenticity, and integrity are cornerstones of the work we do together. With these in mind, I reserve the right to refuse sessions to anyone for any reason. If we speak or meet and one or both of us decides we are not a good match, I will happily refer you to a colleague that may be a better fit.

I am unapologetically and radically queer, trans-inclusive, consent-based, sex-positive, feminist, anti-oppressive, trauma-informed, kink-knowledgeable, and polyam-normative in my values. These values are ideals to continuously strive toward. I work to create a safer space based upon these ideals. I also recognize I may fall short of these ideals and will always welcome feedback on how I can do better.

My work is therapeutic and educational, but NOT therapy or counseling. I am NOT a licensed Counselor or Therapist; I am an Educator and Coach. For more information on the distinction, please read my disclaimer.


Who Do I Work With?

[expand title=”I work with people of all genders, sexualities, bodies, experiences, and relationship configurations. Read more…”] Because of my own personal identities and experiences, I especially understand the struggles of clients who are queer, trans, genderqueer/non-binary, LGBPQA+, fem(me), fat, kinky, non-monogamous/polyamorous, pagan/witchy/spiritual, geeky, empathic, or any combination of these.

I can work with you one-on-one or as a couple or polycule.

Sessions are in-person or via the internet, and uniquely personalized to your goals and needs. We will use a variety of modalities and tools to provide loving, compassionate support and empathic witnessing. Touch can be involved if that is appropriate for what we are working on together, but it is never a guarantee or requirement.

I find my clients come to me because something has changed in the way they are relating to themselves, their lover(s), and/or the world. Something is missing that was there before, in the way that wasn’t there before, or they are seeking for something more than what they’ve already experienced.

Mostly, something feels off, and my clients are looking for support and guidance to a greater depth of experience and a more whole version of themselves and their life![/expand]


How Do I Work?

[expand title=”My work aims to help guide you toward a more positive experience with yourself, your relationships, and the world around you. Read more…”]

To do this, my practice centers around embodiment, emotions, empathy, shadow and shame work, body image, self-worth, sexual and relational trauma, boundaries, and the unending quest for wholeness that is part of being alive.

I bring in a number of modalities and approaches to our work together including:

  • Breath work.
  • Sexological Bodywork techniques such as pleasure mapping, mindful erotic embodiment, and scar tissue remediation.
  • Depth psychology, including Archetypal and mythic approaches to existence.
  • Erotic and Relational Neurobiology.
  • Body awareness.
  • Self-pleasure coaching.
  • Embodiment exercises.
  • Interactive or relational practices.
  • Grounding and centering techniques.
  • Soulwork.
  • Mindful awareness and Interpersonal Neurobiology.
  • Ritual design.
  • Sacred erotic practices and Erotic Alchemy.
  • Non-ordinary states of consciousness.
  • Trauma integration and release.
  • And more. . .


Targeted Coaching Sessions

This approach is best for those who have a specific problem or issue they are struggling with and are looking for support and guidance in achieving the desired change or outcome. Together we engage in a targeted, structured, results-driven series of sessions help to move you toward your goal.

In this approach, we work within session arcs in multiples of three based upon my praxis formula, either once a week or every other week until you are satisfied with the transformation you have experienced. We may or may not continue working together after your initial goal is met.


Ongoing Support Sessions

This option is for those looking to make large systemic changes to their way of being in the world, those who wish to delve deeper into their own patterns of behavior and and their own psyche, or those who wish to go through life with the compassionate support and empathic witnessing of a loving coach who knows you, sees you, and helps you to bring out the best of who you are in your relationships and every day life.

An ongoing support relationship can be achieved through regular weekly or every other week sessions. The benefits of an ongoing support relationship include the depth of insight that occurs with long-term therapeutic engagement, witnessing and transforming habits and behavior patterns that are not as visible within shorter-term coaching relationships, and more.

Many of my clients come in for targeted coaching and stay for ongoing support, but that is not required to have a powerful, transformative experience of embracing pleasure![/expand]


What Are Sessions Like?

[expand title=”The only set structure to our sessions is how we begin. Read more…”] I like to start every session with a guided grounding meditation to get us connected to our bodies, the earth, and the universe. We will then discuss what we would like the session to be focused on, if we do not have a focus already based on previous session work.

From there (depending on the needs of the session) we may continue our discussion, move into embodiment exercises, or engage in educational-therapeutic touch such as partnered embodiment exercises, cuddling, or bodywork.

I like to go s l o w, engaging in every moment with mindful awareness one breath at a time. So much of contemporary society is about moving fast, instant gratification, multitasking, etc. and transformation does not occur on a timeline.


I work in two-hour sessions or longer.

The reason for this is, I find two-hour sessions allow us to go slower and deeper than traditional “50-minute hour” therapy sessions or 60- or 90-minute bodywork sessions typically do. A two-hour session allows our sessions to flow and delve deeply into the topic, concern, or experience we are focusing on.

These longer sessions allow us to cover multiple topics (usually of increasing depth) within one session, often making connections between behaviors and experiences that would otherwise have remained separate.


Intensive Sessions

I am also available for sessions lasting more than two hours. These 3 to 6 hour sessions are specifically designed for when you are feeling stuck around a particular issue and really want to delve into it, or for indulging in the experience of giving yourself many hours of personal, loving care and attention. Intensive sessions can be great for repeat clients who really want to dig into a particular issue they are stuck around, or clients who are visiting Seattle that desire to work with me, but have limited time to do so.

Intensive sessions may be available outside of Seattle for an additional travel fee, please contact me for more information.[/expand]